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Real Estate Investment Platforms

Real estate investment platforms are a way to raise money for real estate investments by reaching out to a pool of investors to contribute funds into a project. Simply put, it is a method of fundraising that enables real estate investors and sponsors to finance large or small projects. Real estate investment platforms are often linked to us through peer-to-peer lending or financing of real estate […]

Passionate, Independent, Partnership-Focused Investing

At FRECM, we serve as your trusted Chief Investment Partner, acting in a independent capacity. Our service is contrary to the trend where large investment management firms have become more interested in compliance, running “model portfolios” and expanding their number of clients. Our company handles multiple amounts of relationships so that we can focus on […]

Real Estate Investment Company Future RE Capital Management Purchases Seven New Properties

Future RE Capital Management are leaders in purchasing and managing affordable living housing that benefits residents while delivering a reliable return to investors. The firm recently added seven new properties to its portfolio. March 16, 2020 Maryland-based real estate investment company Future RE Capital Management have built a remarkable reputation over the past few years of […]

The “Future” of Real Estate

Future RE Capital Management is a Maryland based real estate investment company that acquires and develops well located properties on the east coast. November 1, 2019 In the past few months the real estate investment firm, Future RE Capital Management , has been making major waves in the Baltimore, Maryland real estate market. The company is rapidly approaching a sizable milestone […]

Innovative Real Estate Investment Company Future RE Capital Management Offering 14% ROI

Future RE Capital Management is a real estate investment company that allows Limited Partners to gain higher returns on their investments. The company is offering 14% ROI through their Limited Partnerships.               October 1, 2019 Gaining higher returns on your investments has just become much more simple. Future RE Capital Management is a revenue generating Real Estate Investment  Company established to […]

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