How do I become an Equity Partner?

The first step is to review all available information and/or set up an introductory call. Call our office at (888) 917-1099 or email: to speak with us and let us understand your capital appreciation goals.

What makes FRECM different?

By combining transparency, extensive diligence, technology, and unparalleled investor relations in the real estate space, we hope to bring a personal relationship into the shared equity partnership process.

How is the equity structured?

Each property is acquired through an SPE (Single Purpose Entity, LLC) or a “cell” utilizing the funds from the investors. We actively asset manage our assets always with the objectives of minimizing expenses, maximizing cash flow and value.

How long will the funds be tied up?

The typical term of cycle is 12 months from purchase to sale, but we make sure that you will understand the time commitment for each investment that you make. Talk to a representative about our “Roll-over” plan. The short answer, for as long as you like.

Can I fund more than one cell or deal?

Yes. Equity partners can fund one single deal (cell) or a variation of many deals including all available deals.

Who can be an Equity Partner?

We work with individuals that are new to investing, self-directed IRA’s, family offices, foundations, trusts, and endowments. People from all walks of life and in all territories.

What are the risks?

Although FRECM tries to mitigate the risks as much as possible, an equity partner interested in any investment should be reviewed with their accountant and/or attorney. As with any investment, there are risks.

What is the minimum amount to participate?

The minimum is $49.99. Personal funds or Self-Directed IRA retirement accounts are welcome. To learn more about using a self-directed IRA, Contact Us or call us at (888) 917-1099.

What are your payment options?

Payment options include: Paypal, Bank transfer, Cashapp, Zelle, and all major credit cards. For more information visit: Payment Options


What is the process of funding an asset?

Our goal is to make the process simple and transparent for our equity partners, allowing you to quickly review all relevant materials for each project and make a timely, sound decision. Our time from contract to closing can range from 15-30 days, and we require funding 10 days prior to closing. After funding the asset, you will have virtual access to updates and live calls throughout the course of the term.

I have a property for sale, what are your fees for postings?

There are no fees for posting a property on our site. No sales percentage, no posting fees, no transaction fees. Postings are absolutely free for all!

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